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Garden of Earthly Delights

ELA Excellence Resort Belek is pleased to host the group exhibition Garden of Earthly Delights between September 6th and October 30th. Inspired by the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch's depiction of paradise, the visual pleasure of contemporary works of art spreading over the enchanted garden; As we say goodbye to the summer season, it aims to go beyond being a beautiful memory that takes its place in our visual memory.

As human, we have left extraordinary times behind. We appreciate the value of traveling freely, exploring and pursuing new experiences. Contemporary works of art are always associated with the space they are in and are instrumentalized with completely different meanings. Here in this garden, however, they appear as elements of the garden of earthly pleasures in different forms and materials. 

According to research, worldly pleasures are perceived by the five senses. In this magnificent Mediterranean paradise, it is possible to experience all earthly pleasures. While the foods created with unique recipes by combining universal gastronomic practices with local flavors are included in the taste memories, the silky climate, the sound of nature and unique scents capture the senses.

 In this world built on Mediterranean hospitality, the temptations of life bend the perception of time, and it is designed holistically as a Garden of Earthly Pleasures.

Nine local and foreign artists producing on an international scale; Sometimes transform imaginary images from rigid forms created from marble, aluminum and metal materials to natural ones.And sometimes open windows of different sizes with different colored streamers that function as lenses between the sky and the earth. Could it be that the furry hammerhead sharks hanging on the trees draw attention to the destruction we have caused on our planet through “oppositeness and contradictions?” Could the spirit of an olive tree be a call to the longed-for peace? It is not a coincidence that all these are among the perceptible elements of a Mediterranean garden equipped with earthly pleasures…

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