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Looking for Talent

Looking for Talent

Hotel is like a theatre stage... You can get applause only when you are successful as a team!

Each colleague of us becomes a pin of the wheel that we make turn, as soon as s/he joins us. And we believe that as this pin gets stronger our wheel will get stronger. For this reason we opened a school even before laying the foundation of our hotel: Academy Q.

Making this our start point, it is our sole goal to develop an Ela Quality Resort staff who are proud to be Elaean and who fully adopt our values which make a difference for a service based on 100 % customer satisfaction.


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Work With Us

Ela Excellence Resort Belek opens its doors to team members who wıll walk the same parth wıth us in compliance with our corporate culture and values. Personal development and career path of our team members are very important to us. Within this framework, we give priority to our team members for vacant managerial positions and promote them.

We climb up the ladder of success with our colleagues who adopted Ela values.

Train With Us

We offer internship opportunities to young friends beyond classical understanding of the term. Why we say beyond classical understanding? That is because we see the interns as part of our team at Ela Excellence Resort Belek, and we believe that they will join us as colleagues in the future.

We know that the more we contribute to the development of our young friends, the more they will contribute to our success.